Kill box

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kill box
Builder: timothy700
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 10 Light DS Teeth and 1 razor tip
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: Slimbodies
Armor: 1 MM Aluminum
Awards: None
Tournament wins: None
Tournament Losses: Battle 1: Loses to New Ruin 3-0, Battle 2: Loses to Precision Impact 3-0
Trivia: The lightest of all BBEANS 6 competitors at 222.5 kilograms.

kill box is a lightweight Rammer built by timothy700 for BBEANS 6. kill box was infamous in BBEANS 6 not for its bright and epilepsy-inducing paintjob, it was infamous for constantly havoking and crashing Clickbeetle's game when he was recording its matches after one of the two front panels would fall out, which caused kill box to lose one of its matchups against Firebeetle's New Ruin by Havok Forfeit. timothy700 did not compete in any other series of BBEANS, and is currently ranked 112th (last) in BBEANS Standings along with -Xile-, andrewm0304, Armadillo, Aslyn, bloxace14, Bubbleman, Darok, Fox Trout, incredirobotwars, IngvardM, Jeffery, John4sson, JS, k1robot, KirsK, Little lost bot, razer, Rudukai13, shadow54, Siphai, skywalkar, Sol Vector, Sparkey98, TeamXtreemer, Wingate, and zipperrulez.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Very damaging

Weakness: Shell panels are weak link