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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Innovationalist, Forum Lurker
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Unknown
Grudges With Visibly none
Fear Rating Rating 2.gif 37/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 40/100

Is a member of the Gametechmods forums, and a quite skilled bot builder.

Unlike many builders, he only builds in DSL and even created a new type of wedge, the Axle Wedge.

Mostly known for being the first innovator in DSL VS territory. While he may be outskilled by modern builders, his contribution to DSL VS is respected by all.

Seems to have disappeared from the forums.

Notable Robots

Mako: HW VS, BBEANS2 runner-up

DOAM: MW VS, placed 3rd in BBEANS4

Mako 4: HW VS, placed 3rd in RAW 1