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RA2 Ironforge is a total conversion modification developed by 123savethewhales. It was created to "support more realism than DSL-TC."

123STW first released Ironforge v0.1 on July 4, 2014. The thread slowly received a few replies at first, but it quickly gained traction. He later released a hotfix, v0.2, on July 18. This was mostly to improve the stability and balance of the pack. v0.3 was released a scant two days later. This version included special ballast and a weight class overhaul among many things.


RA2 Ironforge comes with many new features. These include:

  • Weight class overhaul
  • Special Ballast
  • Original teams from 123savethewhales, with teams from other users replacing them with time
  • 123's component pack
  • Meticulous component balance

Ironforge Weight Classes

Weight classes in Ironforge differ from those in Stock and DSL. These new weight classes, however, are self-imposed.

The exact weights are:

AW: 70kg

BW: 90kg

LW: 125kg

MW: 200kg

HW: 400kg

SHW: 600kg


Download v0.3: [1]

Main thread: [2]