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Hope No More 3.2

HopeNoMore3.2 2.JPG

Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: Total of 12 razor tips, 3 on each snapper
Weapon power: 4 Mag Snappers
Drive: 2 NPC-T64 Fast Motors
Armor: 5mm Titanium
Awards: WRL 1 Champion
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Chuzzle, Battle 2: Beats Destroyer WDB, Battle 3: Beats Ice Blast, Battle 4: Beats Purple Pest, Battle 5: Beats FlamesFromUnder, Battle 6: Beats ObZen (WRL)
Tournament Losses: None
Trivia: Hope no More was the only True Popup in WRL 1.

Hope no More 3.2 is a HW True Popup built by Naryar and entered in WRL 1. Despite being built in November 2008, Naryar still regards it as his best HW, five months later.

It had most likely the best wedges of all the tournament. Exposed wheels (one of Naryar's main worries) were finally not a problem even against JoeCB1991's heavy duty VS, Destroyer.

Naryar did used a bunch of snapper loading on the weapons, a glitch you normally don't use in DSL, and as a result the overlapped razors were criticized as not being realistic by InfiniteInertia.

It teared effortlessly through the bracket, KO'ing each of his opponents rather quickly, including his rival's bot obZen, and getting a quick championship.

(Ironically, Naryar copied obZen's weapon system, that is overlapped razors on multi-extenders system)

Naryar was pretty sure HnM was going to win, and he was right, though he hoped for more exciting matches.

It is also featured in the NAR AI pack