Grey Matter

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Grey Matter
Builder: Pwnator
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 4 DSL Hammer 2s
Weapon power: 2 Perm 132s
Drive: 2 NPC Fasts
Armor: 3mm Aluminum
Awards: Clash Cubes 1 Runner-up
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Lol another nub bot from me, Battle 2: Beats XenoPhobik III, Battle 3: Beats Awful Red Thing FOS
Tournament Losses: Battle 4: Loses to SnSnSnSnS
Trivia:  ???

Grey Matter is a heavyweight DSL VS built by Pwnator for Clash Cubes 1. GM is Pwnator's very first DSL bot, which also means that this is his first DSL tournament entry. Sporting Mako-style wedges and weapon system, it traded weapon length and its self-righting capability for strong side armor. It was able to defeat main menu's rammer, Condor33's sawbot and Philetbabe's SnS, but even its side armor couldn't make it win against Somebody's SnS. It also spawned a SHW version called Dark Matter, a dual angled VS, but didn't fare as well as GM did (and Condor33 also got its revenge on Pwnator with his SHW version of XenoPhobik).

The bot is also featured in NAR AI as well, but Pwnator rebuilt it and will be a sawbot in its next release.