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Creator of Armor Pack and current Admin in the RA2 and Gametechmods Forums. Also known for his creation, the unique and caramel filled Donut Bot in which the box like chassis is shaped like a (very angular) donut.

Rank Administrator
Political Stance Wisdom Tooth, Execute and Perform, Manipulator, n00b whacker (minor)
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Most people on Gametechmods especially ACAMS and Barbie
Grudges With Several n00bs (light), Venko (light)
Fear Rating Rating 5.gif 90/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 95/100
Some would say that Goose and Barbie have a little bit of romance going on. That is still to be discussed.

Goose was also a major contributor for DSL-TC. He created many of the motors, the armor sheets, flipper maker, the ant arena, among a few others.

It is also possible that goose is actually in love with Barbie, being that they both have the same "location" on the forums and that they often flirted (along with ACAMS) in a joking manner.

Goose is the most romantic member of the forums, even having to slow things down a bit with his real life girlfriend, of whom is confidential (or Barbie).