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Commercial? No
Type of site Robotics portal
Created by
Launched 2004
Status Online

If you are currently looking throughout this wiki, then chances are, you have probably done so through the gametechmods website. is the most active, and the last active forum about RA2. It was created in 2004 and was mostly about the DSL mod, but after a deletion of the official Robot Arena 2 Forums, most of them moved to Gametechmods. is now the official Robot Arena 2 Forum.

Forum Staff (also called GTM) was first owned by ACAMS.

ACAMS has recently retired from running Gametechmods, and has turned the forum over to Trovaner.

The current Staff are as follows:

Administrators: Trovaner, ACAMS, Goose, Clickbeetle, Starcore, Madiaba, Darkrat, Apanx and Kill343gs

Global Moderators: Naryar, JoeBlo, Craaig, 090901 and Geice

Section Moderators: Geice, Thrackerzod and Guldenflame (Tournament section), Sage & Dragonfire (Challenge Board), and Pwnator (Showcase section)

Gametechmods Front Page