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Real Life Examples: T-Minus, Chaos 2

Game Examples: Scout, Sentinel (both DSL and Stock)

A kind of bot that is designed to flip an enemy over/around, either to immobilize or to fling out of the arena.

You can see flippers everywhere in Robot Wars.

Not that efficient in Robot Arena 2 damage-wise in most cases, since flipping doesn't really do much damage even as the enemy bot lands (unless into a hazard). A few flipper robots (especially Heavyweights) in DSL got around this problem by attaching weapons near the top of the front (see the DSL version of EMERGENCY). Even then though, the damage isn't exactly very high. You might want to be careful if you're fighting on tabletop matches against a flipper - they could potentially get under your bot, and then you'll very likely end up out of the arena. Flippers are especially annoying in the Heavyweight division, where flippers can dedicate plenty of power to their flipper without too much of a sacrifice to their battery power or armor. Some flippers also use weapons instead of wedges/skirts to inflict damage while retaining its flipping power (e.g. the DSL version of Dementia).

Popups are somewhat similar to flippers, but their wedges are not used to flip bots - instead, they have other burst motors dedicated to weaponry, basically a wedged, gut-ripping Hammer of sorts. Naturally, because of the greater damage Popups deal (and because most people play in the Combat Arena) - flippers are rarely seen in tournaments anymore.

Inertia Flipper

An inertia flipper is a unique subtype of robot which uses fast drive and a wedge attached to an axle in order to scoop up robots and toss them with its own inertia. The first inertia flipper was Clickbeetle's BoTM winner Ludicrous Speed, and it has spawned several imitations.


  • By far the best opponent control ability in the game
  • Has advantages on arenas with OOTA potential


  • Very dependant on OOTA arenas
  • Doesn't do any damage
  • Fragile flipper arms