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The flame thrower is a cheatbot2 part in Stock. So, basically cheating, and using a flamethrower on a serious Stock bot is frowned upon by the community.

But in DSL, it is one of the first weapons you see in the Weapons tab, and is perfectly legal to use, being a non-hidden part.

The flamethrower needs fuel, considered to be in CO2 tanks. So, basically, you need CO2 to have a working flamethrower.

In DSL, it is a rather efficient weapon if used right,notably suited for Pushers but has other uses as well. It is a short ranged weapon, racks up points quickly, and if aimed well, can torch the chassis easily.

It damages only the chassis, but can't kill a bot, not being able to damage the control board. You need a physical blow to finish off the bot.

The two flamethrower specialists are JoeBlo (who discovered that putting flamethrowers on flails and spinning them dramatically increases their range, and made a special .py for it) and Naryar (who made a special .py as well for flamethrower pinners)