Final Z

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Final Z
Final Z.PNG
Builder: Badnik96
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 8 Razor Tips on 8 DSL Axle Mounts
Weapon power: TWM3R
Drive: 2 Astroflight Motors (Long Axle)
Armor: 1 MM Titanium
Awards: BBEANS 6 Rumble Participant
Tournament wins: Battle 2: Beats Bot with spinny thingy 3-0 (3 KO's), Battle 3: Beats S Cargo 2-1 (2 KO's), Battle 4: Beats Moving Violation 2-1 (2 KO's), Battle 5: Beats Power Surge 3-0 (3 WBP's), Battle 6: Beats Star Dust 2-1 (2 KO's), Battle 7: Beats Predator 3-0 (3 KO's), Battle 8: Beats AntonYYYm 2-1 (2 KO's)
Tournament Losses: Battle 1: Loses to Elle Driver 2-1 (1 WBP), Battle 9: Loses to Missile Test 2-1 (1 TKO)
Trivia: Final Z has the best rookie record in BBEANS history.

Final Z is a lightweight Horizontal Spinner built by Badnik96 for BBEANS 6. Despite losing its first match, it had an impressive run in the loser's bracket, and finished the tournament ranked second overall.

Badnik96 is ranked 11th in BBEANS Standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strengths and Weaknesses are:

Strengths: Very Powerful

Weakness Low Maneuverability