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Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Middleweight
Weapon: 16 iron spikes
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 2WD NPC Fast
Armor: 1 mm Titanium
Trivia: Feeblemind is the first Melty Brain SnS in NAR AI.

Feeblemind is the 4th bot of the Spike Heads team in NAR AI.

Using FBS.py, it does turn in cycles like a normal SnS but it goes after the other bot as well.

Because the weapons are very close to the ground it doesn't makes a lot of damage but it has lots of weapons and can be very annoying as a flanker.

It first used PillarPlus.py, but Naryar changed bindings in NAR AI v1.1.

Strengths: Lots of weapons, fast, good at flankng

Weaknesses: Low damage, low armor, exposed wheels