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Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 12 razor tips
Weapon power: 2 small JX's
Drive: 4 NPC Fasts
Armor: 5 MM Titanium
Trivia: FnF might be the first DSL true popup using heavy snowplows.

Fast'N'Furious is a HW True Popup the last bot of Team SPARK in NAR AI.

Most likely one of the killers of the pack. The heavy snowplows are very hard to knock off (Naryar took advantage of the 2000 fracture) and it is fast enough to get under a shell spinner and gut rip it to death. While there are better choices than the Emergency wedge (notably on the HP/weight ratio), they were used to keep with the team's theme.

FnF was a normal popup in v1.0, but Naryar changed it to fire upwards in v1.1.

Strengths: Near-invulnerability to frontal attacks

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to flanking