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Face Spinner

A Face Spinner (FS) is a type of spinner, but with the weapon motors facing forwards with small discs on each motor and weapons on them (parallel to the motor's axle). Despite having generally a weaker weapon than HS and VS and not being able to toss opponents like VS, they do continuous damage and have very fast spinup time. Plus they do not wobble as much if they lose weapons.

Have a high ADC.

An in game example is Coal Miner.

Other notable Face Spinners are Meganerdbomb's BBEANS 2 entry Shebeast (did very well) and Rejected's bot Rabid Pit Bull (one of the best stock FS ever built).

The best Face Spinners are fast and use wedges to get under opponents and hold them there while the weapon grinds them down (Gut -ripping). Depending of your style, you would choose either iron spikes (for toughness) or razors (for damage).


  • Gut-ripping potential
  • Inverted gut-ripping, like Drums
  • Can be either fast and wedgy, or slow, tough and heavily weaponed


  • Generally overshadowed by other gut-rippers due to having no secondary wedge
  • Vulnerable to flanking