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Rank Ultraheavyweight
Political Stance Normie, occasional Drama Queen
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With TeamXtreemer, GoldenFox93, Jonzu95, MassimoV
Grudges With Viper89, Naryar, Sparkey98
Fear Rating Rating 3.gif 60/100
Respect Rating Rating 3.gif 50/100
Memorable Quote
"Get Out."

FOTEPX is a rare case of redemption of a n00b-like member.

During his start on the forums and for many months, he was mostly known as an arrogant braggart and borderline n00b who randomly attacked people, posted insane things, and many other disruptive things, resulting in a ridiculously low reputation. Nevertheless, sometimes his serious ideas were acknowledged as good.

He has been whacked many times by veterans, notably one particularly ruthless/comedic (depending of opinion) one by Naryar who moved his showcase to Playground (claming FOTEPX belonged to no place other than the playground), but to no avail.

He has earned many nicknames due to his failure, including FailPX (or Failtepx) and Foxpet, but the last one is the most common now.

He has, however, earned a bit of respect after he made Robot Arena 2 Lite, a version of Robot Arena 2 that gets rid of all the unnecessary things within the game, therefore resulting in less lag.

Since the summer of 2011, FOTEPX seems to have grown from "intolerable" to "tolerable". His spamming has very largely decreased, he doesn't attack or throw random rants or physically threaten other members anymore. He still claims to be insane though, and his comments still are a bit off sometimes, but he has stopped being an annoyance for now.

Still can't host a tourney though.

FOTEPX always seems to lose in the first round of many tournaments, so far losing in the first round in 4 differemt tournaments.

Now is the RA2 World Record Holder for the fastest run in 1 minute and 32 seconds.

Recently made DSL 2.2 - Complete Edition, which removes the unnecessary items from DSL 2.2, thus reducing file size, as well as including the IRL pack for the components and doing few rebalances, like buffing the air tank component to 4x it's air capacity in order to make flamethrowers last longer, though the pistons that use air also have their air use increased by 4x to prevent them from becoming OP

Is now an official modder, working on DSL 2.3, where he made new parts and rebalance some components, as well as do other things to it.

Notable Bots

Kaiza - FOTEPX's first showcased series bots. It was a BW FS, with a ridiculously big chassis. Scrap Daddy recreated this bot for BTTB3.

Acornia 3 - FOTEPX's entry to BBEANS 6. It was one of only 3 Pokers in BBEANS 6, and is infamous for havoking nearly all the time.

Crimson Blue 3 - FOTEPX's entry to RA2 Trials 2. It is his most successful bot, getting all the way up to the finals.

Talespin Twins - FOTEPX's entry to BTTB 3. Even though it was a simple Crawler Multibot, it was the first bot of his to get past round one.

Diamond Cutter - A HW Shell Spinner using dual layered weaponary, and one of the first to use Harpoons on a SS.

Toriodore - Currently in it's 3rd evolution. Getting up to the Semi-Finals once and the Finals once in Battlebots, it is one of his most succesful, and is quite a feared competitor in Battlebots.