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Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Middleweight
Weapon: 4 razor tips
Weapon power: 1 geared Beta
Drive: 2 TWM3Rs
Armor: 3 MM Plastic
Trivia: Of all NAR AI, ElectroStatic is the only MW to sport a geared Beta.

ElectroStatic is the 5th bot of the HIGH VOLTAGE team in NAR AI, replacing Storm II (i think) in DSL 2.1.

A rare breed of hammer, it uses a technically extremely powerful geared Beta motor, but is limited to a 180 degree spin.

It hits quickly and hard and is pretty much the only MW hammer able to self right in the pack, but the basic Frenzy.py reduces the effectiveness of the thing because the hammer head often doesn't retracts, and it fires by sequences of 3 rather than the usual and stabler 1 on burst motors.

Strengths: Powerful, heavy front armor

Weaknesses: Poor wedge, somehow unstable