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Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 12 razor tips on 4 mag snappers
Weapon power: 4 mag snappers
Drive: 4 NPC Fasts
Armor: 3 MM Titanium
Trivia: Eclipse was the first bot to use purposely skirt hinges as armor in NAR AI, and might be the first one to use this armor ever.

Eclipse is a HW Popup and the 3rd bot in NAR AI's In Darkest Night team.

It uses the weird collision mesh of skirt hinges to provide front armor, and as skirt hinges are attached to the chassis, they can't be ripped off and as such, technically invulnerable armor (Also known as Narmor)

However, the armor isn't that efficient because it barely covers the entire front, and it isn't difficult to hit the exposed sides where 3mm Titanium is it's main flaw. However, it had one of the best wedges in NAR AI.

Strengths: Fast, powerful, invulnerable front (most of it)

Weakness: Low chassis armor, difficult self-righting