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Real examples: El Diablo, Little Drummer Boy, Touro Maximus

Game Examples: None (WIIDE Load in DSL)

Drums are simply disc VS with wider weapons. In DSL, there is a special drum component, making drums more common than in Stock. In Stock, they can be achieved by attaching round extenders perpendicularly to a small disc, and attaching many weapons on it.

Drums are not very easy to do in stock, but do pretty good damage, have very fast spinup time and resilient weapons. Also contrarly to VS, they have a wide attack radius, often covering most (if not all) of your bot's front.

They also don't need wedges to work (though some have) and are generally invertible.

Have a high ADC.

Best example of this design is DrumbleBee in stock, and (not the best, but still good) Red Tide VI in DSL.