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Rank Advanced User / Semi Moderator
Political Stance Forum Lurker, Innovationalist
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Scrap Daddy, MetallikVyper
Grudges With None at the moment
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 10/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 30/100
When DragonFire left the gametechmods forums, he was one of the rare forum members to be honored upon his leave. A tournament had been made to honor him by MetalikVyper.

DragonFire is a member of Gametechmods having joined in May 2008.

He spends an adequate amount of his time building bots in either DSL-TC or Stock. He is a rapid learner having already learned many of the useful glitches in the game. Naryar told DragonFire is the same level of building skill in the stock game as him, but was later told by DragonFire that "if i were to take a poll on who's the better builder, 100% would say you".

He also had his own entertainment tournament - Robot Rampage - featuring in DSL-TC and Middleweights he and other Gametechmods forum members built. DragonFire had apparently left Gametechmods, saying that it interfeared with school work and exams but has returned in 2011.

Dragonfire now only hosts challenges in the challenge board.

Tournaments Entered


DragonFire entered a double bar spinner Hostility II. While not badly built, it proved ineffective because of general lack of offense (short weapon reach, low weapon hitpoints). It lost in the first round and also in the loser's bracket, but acquiring a round win in both matches.

Our Replicas are Different

A drum bass replica was entered. This was a large single motion face spinner, comprising of light beater bars and teeth, which resembled damaging sound waves. Pummel Bass came from the loser's bracket (after losing to Craaig's The Cake is a Fake in the semi-finals) to win against Craaig in the Grand Finals.

Pummel Bass also won the TARPS (Thanks Alot, Randomizer Program </sarcasm>) award and the TMI (That Match (IS) Intense) award for its match against Conraaa's Moonlight Slaughter.

Tournaments Hosted

Dominator of Dragons

Often abbreviated to "DoD", this tournament had a unique structure; instead of brackets, it consisted of "groups" and a round-robin-like format within these groups to determine who was eliminated. The Finalists had to win two matches, whereby to win a match, three rounds had to be won.