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Rank Forum Member
Political Stance Normie
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With JoeBlo mainly, possibly Naryar since both leik razor tips
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 15/100
Respect Rating Rating 2.gif 30/100

Doomkiller (often shortened as DK) is a member of the robot arena community who joined in April 2009, a prefered DSL builder but also has a Stock showcase. Doomkiller has recently made a tournament debut in Clash Cubes 2 with a Cluster Bot. Doomkiller's first showcased bot was bishop, a SHW VS with six razor tips and cheat parts. Essentially a peice of junk but since then has much improved. Doomkiller has hosted his own tournament called Doomed Bots, which is popular with the community, being a 32 Bracket stock MW tournament. He has also hosted the tournament Stock's Revenge, which competitors had to rebuild a stock robot, keeping the chassis, armour and bot type the same, Also had to abide to realistic rules.

Also absolutely loves Razor tips - this already is a running joke, leading sometimes people to joke about razor tips when they quote Doomkiller or suggest something about Doomkiller when they see plenty of razors in a bot.

Notable Robots

Shadow Ninja V2 - a middleweight DSL Top Spinner which showed an original design by using skirt hinges and armor sheets to trap robots on top of it.

The Trap Master - one half of Doomkillers Clash Cubes 2 entry, DSL heavyweight FS and was noted for its trapping abilities (hence the name).

Decoy - the other half of Doomkillers Clash Cubes 2 entry, also a DSL heavyweight and an invertible drum robot which is fast small and compact.

Attitude - A Stock heavyweight pop-up with a unique plow armour set up and 4 Z-Tek drive.

The Unforgiving Bishop - A DSL heavyweight and an entire rebuild of Doomkillers first showcased bot, It had a Mako like set up with 4 spinning hammers.

OVERROAD - A Stock MW poker entered in Doomed Bots. Showed as an original design, made to go over other bots and to kill Pop-ups (it got trashed by Naryar's Ancient Curse though)

Understrike V3 - As the name suggests it is a pop up in the DSL lightweight class, it has 3 razors 1mm plastic armour and a fairly protective wedge set up.

  • Favorite Thing: Razors *if you didn't allready guess that