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Destroyer HP

Builder: JoeCB1991
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 2 DSL Hammer 4s on a DSL Bar
Weapon power: Dual Perm
Drive: 2 NPC-T64 motors
Armor: 3 MM Titanium
Awards: NA
Tournament wins: NA
Tournament Losses: NA
Trivia: Uses a V shaped Balance Bar that most bots don't use now. Several different versions have been built.

Destroyer HP was a powerful Heavyweight VS built by JoeCB1991. It uses a Dual Perm motor to run its powerful weapon that is capable of throwing most of its competitors out of the arena. It also uses a unique Balance Bar instead of the wedges that most VS's use now.

Its weapon is VERY powerful, but it is has its own glaring weaknesses. If one of its hammers is ripped off the weapon will be nearly useless, although the blade can be reversed and used like a Hammer (if a human player is controlling it). And it is also unstable because of the power of the Dual Perm motor, and will begin to bounce widly across the arena if flipped, kinda like Alien Queen.

Featured in NAR AI.

Destroyer AW


Destroyer AW is an Antweight version of Destroyer. It is decent for a AW VS, but it vibrates a lot.

Destroyer AW 2


Destroyer AW 2 is a rebuilt version of the previous Antweight version. Skirt Hinge Wedge was replaced with Flipper Segments, and the Teeth on the blade were improved. But it still vibrates.

Destroyer BW


Destroyer BW is a Beetleweight version of Destroyer.

Nano Destroyer


Nano Destroyer is a Beetleweight version of Destroyer. It was intended to be an Antweight, but the Builder screwed up at remembering how much Antweights could weigh.

Micro Destroyer


Micro Destroyer is a Lightweight version of Destroyer. The weapon is not as effective as it could be, but it is still able to fare pretty well against most of the Lightweight AI.

Featured in NAR AI.

Micro Destroyer 2


Micro Destroyer is an upgraded version of the original where the weapon was vastly improved with a more powerful weapon motor, and a stronger weapon.

Micro Destroyer 3


Micro Destroyer 3 is basically the same as the previous version, but the bar that connects the weapon motor to the chassis was improved, and the wheels were upgraded. But the problem is that the drive motor is a weaker version than it was in the previous version, so it is much slower.

Mini Destroyer


Mini Destroyer is a Middleweight version of Destroyer. Although it is not as powerful as some other Middleweight VS's are, it is still powerful enough to beat most of the Middleweight AI.

Mini Destroyer 2


Mini Destroyer 2 is an upgrade of the first version where the weapon bar's size was decreased, and the hammer's were upgraded.

Destroyer HPBL


Destroyer HPBL is a revision of Destroyer that was entered in RAW and it lost both rounds it was in.

Destroyer SP


Destroyer SP is a revision of Destroyer that replaced the Dual Perm with a normal Perm, and it is also much lighter than the other versions are.

Destroyer SPD


Destroyer SPD is a revision of Destroyer SP that replaced the DSL Bar with a Disc.

Destroyer HPD


Destroyer HPD is a revision of Destroyer that replaced the DSL Bar with a Disc.

Destroyer DB


Destroyer DB is a revision of Destroyer that replaced the normal weapon with a Mako style dual bar weapon. It is more effective than the normal version, although it is basically a Mako Clone with balance bars instead of wedges and a smaller profile.

Destroyer WHP


Destroyer WHP is a new version of Destroyer that was created to have a similar style to Mako, except it had a smaller body. Although instead of a Mako style weapon it uses a Dual Perm, although it is powerful enough to tip itself over when it starts its weapon.

Destroyer WDB


Destroyer WDB is a new version of Destroyer that was created to have a similar style to Mako, except it had a smaller body. It uses a Mako style weapon, and it is more effective than the original Destroyer was. It also competed in Wild Robots Live.

Destroyer FSP


Destroyer FSP is a version of Destroyer that is able to fly using the Hovercraft engines provided by Cheatbot2. It also uses Overkill Blades on burst motors to simulate Wings and a Tail. It is powerful, but it moves slowly, and it can get thrown out of arenas with low walls easily.

Destroyer FHP


Destroyer FHP is another version of Destroyer with a hovercraft engine, except it uses a Dual Perm for the weapon, and the wings were removed.

Featured in NAR AI as well.

Destroyer WDB 2

Destroyer WDB 2
Builder: JoeCB1991
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 4 DSL Hammer's on two DSL Bars
Weapon power: 2 Perm 132 motors
Drive: 2 NPC T-64 Fast Motors
Armor: 1mm Steel
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Not entered in a Tournament yet.
Tournament Losses: Not entered in a Tournament yet.
Trivia: JoeCB1991 entered a different version of Destroyer, Destroyer HPBL, in RAW.

The previous version of this bot Destroyer WDB was also entered in Wild Robots Live

Destroyer WDB 2 is a Mako clone built by JoeCB1991 that hasn't competed in a Tournament yet, but will be submitted to the next Heavyweight DSL Tournament. It is significantly improved over the previous version; the Weapons are stronger, the Wedges are better, and it is also significantly faster than the previous version due to the better drive motors. But because of the smaller chassis, and the speed of the weapons, it is unstable and it can tip over while turning.

JoeCB1991 considers this to be the best version of Destroyer that he has built.