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Rank Administrator
Political Stance Execute and Perform, Informationalist, Legend of RA2
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With All
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 5.gif 87/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 90/100
DarkRat was an excellent component creator, and innovator. One of the few with a mastery in the art of 3D Studio Max 5.
Memorable Quote
"Dont mess with da Scat Man"


One of the legends of the game, DarkRat (or the Scat Mang) is probably the most known RA2 modder ever, who made many components including weapons and wheels. He is one of the three original creators of the DSL-TC mod and created most all the parts and stock bots of the DSL-TC mod.

DarkRat is the D in DSL (DarkRat-Starcore-Lu-Tze)

In the spring of 2004 DarkRat, Starcore and Lu-Tze had reached the point where they had considered leaving RA2. DarkRat was the premier replica bot creator and parts creator, Lu-tze the innovative parts and arena maker, and Starcore the to AIer of the community having just released the Starcore V2 pack. As a swan song Starcore brought the three of them together to do a final release. To wrap an ultimate pack around DarkRat's ultra cool replicas of Real Life robots. Most of DarkRat's bot at the time were only picture bots. Starcore with some help from ACAMS and a few others populated the internals of the replicas and Starcore AIed all the replicas to be the 'Stock' bots of the DSL pack. DarkRat continued building an extensive range of parts while Lu-Tze in her final months built most all the arenas of the DSL Total Conversion Mod. The team innovated left and right and worked with the rivaling forums bringing them together to work on more realistic parts and standards for the DSL pack.

DarkRat accelerated the production schedule of the DSL so that Lu-Tze could see it completed before she died. She even pulled together in her literal final days with splitting migraines to fix a release issue so that the DSL mod pack would work with the download version of RA2.

Without DarkRat the DSL-TC mod pack might never have been finished and it was because of Starcore wanting to see his gorgeous replicas working and showcased that the DSL-TC mod was ever started.

The RA2 community owes a deep debt of thanks to DarkRat.