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[cringey name goes here], otherwise known as just cringey, is a relativaley new user who joined in early 2018. He has not made very iconic bots, as only two of his robots have ever won a fight (Ground Zero in MoD2, against Copy Cat 2018, and Tenderizer in "Back to Basics", beating IRL in stock).One of his bots, Astronomical Takeoff, was what he claims to be his best-looking bot, despite never winning a fight in an AI tournament. He also build Cujo EVO for Parsec, to which it had very little success. He is also one of the youngest users on the board (maybe even one of the most toxic). In December of 2018, he quit the forums, only to return to the Discord, but leave again. He lurks on the forums sometimes, usually to tell Code Red that he smells. He returned in full once again in late April 2019, denying that he will build DSL again. This turned out to be false, as he would enter a few DSL tournaments.