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If you are searching for the Starcore bot named Crawler, see here : Crawler (Robot)

Crawlers are bots with spinning weapons as drive, generally discs with weapons on it attached to a motor. Considered as illegal entries in some tournaments.

A crawler is basically a bunch of spinning weapons so you need to be careful when attacking one.

They have extremely low grip (means very slow acceleration and deceleration, and generally low speed), but more offense and defense ("wheels" aren't easy to pop off and are damaging). This is not always the case, as Sage got his crawler/SnS hybrid (Bumble Bee) to be very fast and have good grip and good control.

Most crawlers cannot be controlled easily, but some are known to be deadly.

One of the most famous crawler builders is Venko, and Sage became a crawler builder as well after entering Bumble Bee in BBEANS5, and as a consequence increasing the number of crawlers in tournaments.

Considered as cheap by some of the vets, notably Scrap Daddy, InfiniteInertia and Naryar.

A debate about crawlers in tournaments, opposing Sage (For) to Naryar (Against) can be seen here