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The HW of Team HEX, Hanky Panky's design isn't much better than its name. With a gaping ground clearance and a high centre of gravity, not to mention average armour, it's very easy to get under even with only a chassis wedge. Its weapon is just a flipping iron spike. Irons are good, but the problem is that one iron spike isn't even enough for a beetleweight, and with no other wedge, it's near-impossible for it to get under opponents. It also does a slight wobble when the weapon is fired, further rendering it vulnerable to popups and flippers.


The DSL version of Hanky Panky is a hammer/flipper hybrid called Cranky Spanky.


One of the best wedges in DSL, if not the best, as well as heavily armored and a good ground clearance. That quad hammer weapon makes an annoying clamp, but the thing is slow (not good for a clamp) and really average damage.

In fact Clickbeetle said he wanted to create a DSL clamp, but it didn't worked as well as he wanted.