Combat Arena

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Combat Arena
Box preview.png
"The Combat Arena is a traditional square arena surrounded by high-impact polycarbonate glazing. Hazards include spikes and sawblades that rise from below the floor."
Creator: Infogrames
Category: Combat
Custom: no
Hazard Count: 3
Pit(s): no
OOTA Area: no
Technical Specs
Cameras: 4 (1 watch, 3 static)
Other Names: box, boxarena, Combat Zone

The Combat Arena is a standard combat arena packaged with the original version of Robot Arena 2. It is a basic square-shaped arena encased in lexan shielding.


The Combat Arena is the most basic stock RA2 arena, in both layout and appearance. It has a large, flat, square-shaped floor surrounded by lexan walls and a ceiling. It has three hazards which rise out of the ground - two sets of spikes and one pair of saws. These hazards deal very little damage on their own. The only real threat is posed by the spikes, which can invert a robot in semi-rare conditions.

The arena's simplicity has made it the most popular within the RA2 community. With hazards turned off, the Combat Arena is effectively a flat box with no pits. This has made it popular in tournaments and in general robot testing as a true test of a robot's ability. The Combat Arena's simplicity, along with its bland appearance, has also made it popular with custom arena makers. It is relatively easy to re-skin and add music to.

The arena shares many design features with the Battlebots BattleBox and was likely designed to mimic it.