Cocytus IV

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Cocytus IV


Builder: Scrap Daddy
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 10 Irons and 16 Razors
Weapon power: 4 HP-Zteks
Drive: 2 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA
Awards: None
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Bye, Battle 2: Beats Consonant / Vowel 2-1, Battle 3: Beats Bounty Hunter 2-1
Tournament Losses: Battle 4: Loses to Copyright Infringement 2-1, Battle 5: Loses to Trojan Horse 2-1
Trivia: Cocytus was the only juggler in BBEANS 5 that did not use the servo weapon system of Neglected Waterbug.

Cocytus IV was a heavyweight juggler built by Scrap Daddy for BBEANS 5. Cocytus IV was a well-built juggler, with powerful weapons and good wedges but had a slow drive. Nonetheless, it was able to beat System32's multibot and Pyscolone's popup. It lost to Copyright Infringment in a very close match and surprisingly to Pwnator's popup. This was Scrap Daddy's 2nd try at BBEANS, with Iron Spaghetti for BBEANS 4, and also entering Mass Oppression in BBEANS 6, which lost in the Wildcard rounds. He is ranked 27th in BBEANS standings.

What Clickbeetle listed as Strength and Weakness are:

Strength: NWB-ness

Weakness Slow