Coal Miner

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Coal miner is BLACK STORM's HW, theoretically a Face Spinner but its weapon motor is weak (right angle), so it's more of a rammer (4WD Z-tek drive). It can be very annoying, due to its powerful drive and constantly-damaging weapon. Against robots with weaker drive, it's capable of pinning them against the wall, before grinding away with its disc.

An interesting fact about Coal Miner: it runs entirely on nine small battery packs.


The DSL version of Coal Miner is a 3-disk face spinner called Industrial Coal Miner.


One of the best HW's in the pack. Uses the same tactic as Rabid Pit Bull, that is pinning the opponent with it's powerful drive and ripping on it with it's small discs, so be aware. Wedge isn't as good as RPB's one though.