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Rank Administrator
Political Stance Innovationalist, Wisdom Tooth, Last Objective, Legend of RA2
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With Firebeetle, goose
Grudges With Visibly no one
Fear Rating Rating 3.gif 54/100
Respect Rating Rating 5.gif 100/100
Clickbeetle's BBEANS tournament rules are used as a template for most new tournaments.

One of the BeetleBros. He created DrumbleBee and Event Horizon 2, as well as many of their arenas.

Became a moderator on the official forum when goose was bumped up to admin.

Is currently an admin on the Gametechmods forums.

Clickbeetle has been considered to be one of the best stock builders ever.

Currently hosts the very popular BBEANS tournaments.

Also the writer of an (equally popular) tutorial on Robot Building Techniques

Equally skilled in Stock and DSL - he is called by many the most creative builder of all the RA2 community. Also known for his artful paintjobs.