Chinese Whispers

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Chinese Whispers was an unusual DSL tournament hosted by Squirrel_Monkey with help from G.K. as this was SM's first tournament. Called CW for short, it had 20 entrants divided into 4 teams each with a captain. The twist was that each team worked on a single bot adding a maximum weight of components to the chassis made by the captain, before passing it on. However the teams remained hidden from everyone except the hosts. At the moment it is still in the building stage. There was recently a minor delay due to one builder building in stock and then pulling out. He was then replaced by Sparkey98 who soon gave up and so the job passed to lloopp D lloopp. Matches were originally planned to go in G.K.'s Twiiiiiiiiiiiiiisted Arena but due to technical difficulties this was changed to the Ring Arena created by Serge.




The format was decided to be a "everyone plays everyone" style. Each bot would face 3 others in separate battles. A number of special matches have been considered to lengthen the tournament.


Yet to occur


Yet to occur