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Builder: Naryar
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 3 DSL Hammer 4s and 3 25kg hammers
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 3 Drive E-Teks
Armor: 5 MM Plastic
Trivia: Cataclysm was also entered in GUMBA and achieved second place.

Cataclysm is a SnS and is the last HW of the MEGATON team in NAR AI. Though it has 5mm plastic, its chassis is quite small, which is why fast gut rippers can KO it quite easily. However if you let it spin up to its full speed, it will surely pack a huge punch with on 285kg of total weight of hammers.

According to R0B0SH4RK, Cataclysm is shamelessly ripped off one of his 3WD SnS designs, but Naryar doesn't remember if he did.

Two other building flaws are the vertical DSL bars (they don't do damage when angled vertically, as they have normals) and the 25kg sledges (they have normals as well, and do not protect well the 70kg's so the 70kg's can be ripped off before the 25kg's, wasting weapon weight). Both problems have been solved in Cataclysm 2 that is already built and will appear in NAR AI v2.0 - it uses the new binding that actually allows translational drift (Melty Brain style) for SnS, but reduces max spinning speed.

Strengths: Very powerful

Weaknesses: Weak chassis armor