Blood Shed

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Not to be confused with Blood Shed, a popup that competed in Super Smash Bots

Blood Shed


Builder: Dexterhunter
Weight class: Heavyweight
Weapon: 33 Pole spikes and 4 Samurai swords
Weapon power: Drive
Drive: 6 HP-Zteks
Armor: DSA
Awards: None
Tournament wins: None
Tournament Losses: Round 1: Loses to Vela 2-1, Battle 2: Loses to Dark July 3-0
Trivia: Blood Shed is included in InfiniteInertia's AI pack as Eye Poker.

Blood Shed is a heavyweight rammer built by Dexterhunter for BBEANS 5. Although Blood Shed is well built, it lost to 40757's HS and Famo WX's juggernaut rammer. Dexterhunter previously competed in BBEANS 3 with Box of Grime, and is tied for 104th in BBEANS Standings with Gigafrost.