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A newbie, he first played RA2 on May 2018, after four months of knowing and watching robot combat, when he downloaded Stock RA2. He soon downloaded DSL and Ironforge few days later.

Rank Middleweight
Grudge / Ally Status
Allies With None
Grudges With None
Fear Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Respect Rating Rating 1.gif 0/100
Memorable Quote

Pretty active in Discord. He is also quite imaginative, with robot ideas like a hexagonal shell spinner, a humanoid, etc.

Building Skills

DSL-IRL: Likes to play DSL way more than Stock or Ironforge. Also prefers the IRL meta. As for build skill, quite decent and pretty perfectionist, using things like aluminium extender to extend the axle for wheels if the wheel intersected with the extenders, or increasing extender height to cover Perm chain, as well as refusing skirt wedges on IRL bots. Has some experience in BFE. Also prioritizes making new designs based on imagination and inspiration, rather than simple ones.

DSL-S: Pretty decent. Made a supposed to be IRL SFTW MW for Master of Disasters 2 named Triangle of Doom, which was called the worst SFTW, a flail SnS named Triangle of Doom 2, a LW VS named Duangle, and a HW VS named Savage Discs, which won against Badger's Revoker.

Stock: Not good. Doesn't know how to glitch except eFFe. Can't stack parts either. Also made an underweight SFTW HW named Overpop there, as well as a 6HS LW named Lightpain.

IF: Not good too right now. After building another IRL based bot that was more Standard, named Track Shredder, he tried again when Centauri 2 was accepting rentals, making a LW HS where the blades can be moved with a servo, named Movercut. It was rejected by Reier for breaking a rule of Standard. He also made U Blade Storm, which is just Movercut but adapted for AI matches


Triangle of Doom: A SFTW MW HS. It has 3WD that wasn't invertible, an exposed E-tek mounted on a single round extender, and a disc with two Hypno teeth. It lost all of it's matches in Master of Disaster 2. Later upgraded to Triangle of Doom 2., which is now a flail SnS MW with Vlad spikes. It is much better, but the extender structure is wasteful though. Lost a single match in the challenge belt to a hammer rammer named SpinnerKiller

Ring of Destruction: Billy's DSL-IRL bot for Destruction Evolution. It was a large ring spinner with NPC Fasts 2WD and a ring powered by a 6mag. It lost it's only match on DE2 to fellow ring spinner [REDACTED] after using it's shorter ring configuration. In DE3, unupgraded, it beat a Tombclone named Perfect Impact after a chain snipe in a single hit, before proceeding to rip off the weapon support and a wheel. It them fought Megalomaniac, where it lost after an extremely close JD.

Breaking Hammers CV1: A tribar hammer CW, with extender tribar and 30kg sledges on a 6mag. It was entered to Deathmatch 2, where it performed poorly, losing it's melee and semi final and only winning the redemption fight by luck.

OverChopper: A DSL-IRL overhead HW. The first version had a low resolution and mediocre skin, steel 5, a bar that span the wrong way, and a large fork that was not flush with the ground. It managed to survive it's melee in Orc War's Overclocked, only to lost in it's next fight against Resolute. It was also entered into DE3, where it lost against Huntex after being flipped OOTA. Is now upgraded to Gen II, with better skin, wheel guards, bar that spins the right way, and a wedge. It also has a BFE'ed chassis that is pretty low, as well as BFE'ed bar that is low

Darwinian Unit- just the name, all you need to know


Robot Emperor: a 16 entry DSL-IRL tournament with active weapon for bots rule. There are four rumbles with four bots each, with the two that survived going through to the main bracket of 8 bots. Also had two side events, Loser's for bots that lost in the rumbles and Latecomer's for those who wanted to join but didn't make it. It is successful, though it also had controversies like Nightraven Shade's bot, SpinDizzy, being rejected, Mean Red Machine by MrBK being accepted, Dragon Rising not functioning properly in it's first match, and the tag team grudge match between MRM, and Deadgnaws and Fissure 2.