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An Angled Vertical Spinner is a special type of VS (or more accurately, a subspecies if you will), introduced first in BBEANS 1 by Firebeetle with Sadrabbit, and then used in BBEANS 3 by Gigafrost with DarkBlade 1.0, BBEANS 4 by Gigafrost again with T I T A N and Sorrow with Smitemare 8 (to a lesser extent). Another (slightly) Angled VS is 123savethewhales's VS Star Dust, entered in BBEANS 6. It is a fairly new type of style and, unlike normal VSs, the motor of angled vertical spinners are somewhat notched to spin at an angle (as opposed to the traditional straight alignment of the weapon). This is theorized to give the bot a greater collision to damage ratio and helps it self right more effectively. However, AVSs are more prone to losing weapons than normal VSs since they expose more of their extender bars. AVS can also put more weapons on target though, as seen by the weapon setup on Sadrabbit, where weapons can be put on the front portion of the disc and they will hit the target too. The discs also provide better protection for the motors.


  • Able to flip opponents along both their x and y axis at the same time, moving weapons away from the motor.
  • Self-Rights faster than normal VS.
  • Easily makes bots unstable.
  • Does good damage.
  • Great for rolling opponents around.
  • Can get more weapons on target.
  • Protects motor better.


  • Difficult to build effectively.
  • Still, like VSs, requires a powerful motor.
  • Exposes weak parts of extenders on the weapon.
  • Smaller area of contact means it may miss hits more often.