Ancient Curse

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Ancient Curse
Ancient Curse.jpg
Builder: Naryar
Weight class: MiddleWeight
Armour: DSA
Weapon: 4 Razors
Weapon power: 1 DDT
Drive: HP-Ztek
Tournament wins: Round 2 win against OVERROAD 2-0 ( KO ), Round 3 win against Bombshell 2-0
Tournament Losses: Round 1 loss against Seism 16 2-0 ( KO ), Round 4 loss agaisnt C.B.F.H.O.C 2-0

Ancient Curse is a True Popup built by Naryar. In it's first match, Seism 16 outwedged and quickly KOed Ancient Curse, even though Naryar was saying about how good the wedges are on Ancient Curse. It then first OVERROAD in the loser's bracket, to which it won with a boring match. Next it won against Bombshell before being knocked out of the tournament by C.B.F.H.O.C, triggering Naryar's rage about, by it's own words, being destroyed by a n00b.

What Doomkiller listed as its Advantage and Disadvantage are:

Advantage: Powerful Weapons

Disadvantage: Exposed Wheels