Alter Ego II

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Alter Ego II
Builder: Reier
Weight class: Lightweight
Weapon: 9 maces
Weapon power: HP Z-Tek
Drive: 2 Reversible Angle Motors
Armor: Plastic
Awards: RRR1 Champion
Tournament wins: Battle 1: Beats Solo Flight 2 3-0, Battle 3: Beats Volcano Strike 2.2 2-1, Battle 4 Beats Sparky 3-0, Battle 5 Beats The Happy Slapper! =) 3-0, Battle 6 Beats Sengir 6-0 and wins the tournament. In ROBONOVA, Battle 1: Beats Flame On!, Battle 2: Beats K.Y.A.R.A, Sonic Boom 2 and Hot Dog, Final: Beats Zaphod Stock to win the championship.
Tournament Losses: Battle 2: Loses to Sengir by havok DQ
Trivia: Alter Ego is the first LW to have a burst-enhanced HPZ with 9 maces.

Alter Ego II was a LW HS built by Reier and entered into Reier's Robo Rumble. Alter Ego was probably the most powerful HS in RRR, wielding an impressive nine maces. In its first match against Solo Flight, Alter Ego easily de-weaponed and KOed his opponent in all three fights. Alter Ego would have won his second match against Sengir had he not forfeited due to Havok explosions. In the losers bracket, Alter Ego won his third round after a much heated fight against Volcano Strike. Alter Ego then proved he was the best HS in the tournament, ripping appart both Sparky and The Happy Slapper. The last match in RRR was never uploaded due to its extreme length, but Reier has confirmed that Alter Ego defeated Sengir in all six fights.

Reier also entered Alter Ego II in ROBONOVA and is now champion. It first beat Flame On!, a lesser mace spinner. It then won its rumble against another HS, a rammer and an FS, and beat Zaphod stock in the final to claim a second championship.