Axle Glitch Of Death

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The Axle Glitch Of Death (nearly always shortened as AGOD) is the most annoying of all glitches in the game. It happens when eFFe glitching or snapper loading big objects, like Maces and Z-Teks. The actual glitch is that motor's axles are off center and component's collision boxes don't line up, causing imbalances in the bot. You can see if motors, maces or other objects have AGOD by pressing F12 to show the collision mesh of components.

Name coined by Sage.

Also an issue to the seasoned DSL builder. Happens with axles, but often metal hinges and chaining spin motors when the motors's axles are not aligned.

It is possible to prevent AGOD by hitting the pause key on your keyboard, going to the Test Garage and back while you are building your bot, or pausing while eFFe-ing.