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Builder: Naryar (Chassis: Silver)
Weight class: Middleweight
Weapon: 80cm Titanium skirt as flipper
Weapon power: 1 Beta burst
Drive: 2 TWM3Rs
Armor: 3 MM Plastic
Trivia: 741 is currently the only Beta burst-wielding MW of the NAR AI.

741 is the 5th bot of the Team Z team in NAR AI, replacing TazBot in DSL 2.1.

Basically an updated version of T-4. Naryar built it from the original T-4, just changing the components and skin and giving it a new name : 741, the T is leetspeek, and as such the bot's real name (T41) is closer to it's original build.

Strengths: Very powerful flipper

Weaknesses: Weak armor